Modern Clocks

Modern Clocks

A selection of decorative, contemporary modern glass mantel clocks.

Part of the classic Howard Miller line of decorative glass dome mantel clocks these stylish chiming contemporary clocks come with revolving or rack and pinion pendulums, polished brass fittings, quartz movement, and are battery powered.

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Modern Mantel Glass Clocks

Glass Mantel Anniversary Clock Glass Dome Modern Mantel Clock Contemporary Crystal Mantel Clock
Glass Mantel Anniversary ClockGlass Dome Modern Mantel ClockContemporary Crystal Mantel Clock
Faux-Crystal Pendulum Mantel Clock Battery Glass Mantel Clock Modern Mantel Clock, Dual Chime
Faux-Crystal Pendulum Mantel ClockBattery Glass Mantel ClockModern Mantel Clock, Dual Chime

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