Unique Fun Gifts, Cheap Collectible Gifts Series

A selection of unique ornamental fun gifts, figurines, and very cheap collectibles, figures and gifts series.

This section of our site is continually being added to so be sure to check back soon for more great gift ideas.

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Fun Gifts

Personalized Gifts
Engraved Gifts

Custom engravable gifts and personalized items.

Engraved Gifts


Our collectible angels series.

African American, Alabaster, Christian Plates, Frosted, Glass, Musical.

African American & African
African American

Figurines and ornaments on an African and African-American theme.

African American, African.

Animal Collectibles

Mini animal life-like figurines, forest animals, miniature animal ornaments, and glass animal collectibles.

Wild: Bears, Deer, Moose & Donkeys, Elephants, Frogs, Giraffes, Leopards & Cheetahs, Lions, Monkeys, Tigers, Wolves.

Birds: Porcelain Birds, Glass Birds, Doves, Peacocks & Owls, Eagles, Patriotic Eagles, Porcelain Eagles.

Farm: Cows & Chickens, Horses, Pigs, Roosters.

Mythical: Dragons, Pegasus, Unicorns.

Domestic: Cats, Dogs.

Ocean: Fish, Dolphins.

Oriental Gifts
Oriental Gifts

Mainly chinese influence oriental gifts for the home.

Oriental Candles, Chinese Sculptures, Hong Tze Statues, Japanese Dolls, Ginger Jars, Chinese Screens.

Kids Gifts
Kids Gifts

Gift ideas for kids.

Gifts For Boys, Harley Davidson Gifts, Gifts For Girls, Pink Gifts
Gift Themes

A variety of gifts arranged by themes.

By Occasion: Birthday Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Ornaments, Snowman Gifts, Holiday Gifts, Wedding Gifts.

By Styles: Victorian Collectibles, Country Gifts, Contemporary Gifts, Italian Gifts, Nautical Gifts, Rustic Gifts, Traditional Gifts, Southwestern Gifts. Gift Themes

By Material: Porcelain Victorian Dolls, Votive Glass Candle Holders, Floral Design Gifts, Floral Pattern Home Decor, Patchwork Decor, Wooden Birdhouses, Wood Gifts 1, Wood Gifts 2, Wooden Gifts 3, Wooden Collectibles 4.

Other: Baby Gifts, Fruit Ornaments, Gifts from India, American Indian Gifts, Inspirational Gifts, Lighthouse Gifts 1, Light House Gifts 2, Teddy Bear Gifts, Wine Theme Gifts.

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