Christian Angels

Christian Angels

A selection of decorative angel plates and christian themed angels provided at discount prices. These attractive plates with angels make great additions to your home decor style.

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Christian Angels

Christian Angels

9" Plate With Last Supper Print

A classically-styled version of The Last Supper by artist Bartolomeo Carducho adorns this beautiful collector's plate. Black metal stand included. 9" diameter.

9" Patchwork Double Angel Plate

Uniquely-designed, Patchwork, double-angel, collector's plate with gold edging and black metal stand. 9" diameter.

Madonna and Child Plate

A Madonna and Child image from the Middle Ages is reproduced on this fine decoupage plate. Metal stand included. 10" diameter.

Life of Jesus Plate

Hand painted Life of Jesus decorative plate. Alabaster. 9 5/8" diameter x 1 1/2" high.

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